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Trout Fishing

Cynoscion nebulosus (Speckled Trout)

Also Called: Spotted Seatrout

Saltwater Trout is probably the most popular fish in the Atlantic because they’re plentiful, taste great and aren’t too tough to catch. This is a fun fish to try for a relaxing fishing outing anywhere throughout the inshore waters of Hilton Head Island.


Your best bet for catching Trout is in the fall and early winter (October-December), when the water reaches its coldest temperatures of the year and they’re feeding up to prepare for late winter.


Trout is a very popular catch for eating. People enjoy the moderately flaky consistency of its white meat and buttery sweet flavor.

Where to Find Trout

Because they tolerate a wide range of salinity (amount of salt in the water), Trout can be found far enough inshore to almost reach freshwater, at riverheads flowing into marshlands. Like other fish, they congregate around all kinds of structures, like bridges, grass flats and sandbars.

How to Catch Trout

Bait: Trout love Shrimp. This is by far the most effective choice among live bait. You can also do pretty well with lures that imitate Shrimp or small fish like minnows.

Approach: Grass flats are a great place to start when fishing inshore for Trout. Cast just beyond the grass line. You should be close enough to get your hook caught from time to time when Trout fishing.

Tackle: Hilton Head Fishing Charters will provide all the tackle and gear you will need to ensure a successful and productive Trout fishing experience.

SCDNR Restrictions

You can keep up to 10 Trout per person per day, not to exceed 14 inches in tail length.

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