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Try Your Hand at Sight Fishing

A Unique Challenge

Sight fishing is a challenging method and perfect for those who enjoy the chase and stalk of a hunting experience. Can you stalk your fish and land the perfect cast to get hooked up? Let’s do some sight fishing and find out.

Outsmart Your Game

In the shallow waters of our favorite hotspots, fish are often close enough to the surface to see. With our inshore sight fishing charters, you first spot the fish you want to catch, often while it’s feeding along the bottom. The challenge is to catch that fish and only that fish.

Sight fishing can also refer to targeting big game and sharks in nearshore and offshore waters.

Target Species

Take In the Beauty

Sight fishing is a casual sport that’s perfect for keen observers of all the natural beauty to be found in Hilton Head’s inshore waterways and among backcountry wildlife.

Spotting game in the water is only part of the fun of our adventures through tall marsh grasses, along copses of live oaks, tall cabbage palmettos and flowering magnolia trees. Snowy egrets, pelicans, hooded merganser ducks and bald eagles populate the air and land. Dolphins sometimes chase schools of fish right up to the mudbank - quite a sight!

We’ll Teach You How

If you’re a novice angler, trying your hand at sight fishing on one of our backcountry fishing trips is a fun challenge. It’s a test of patience and coordination that only requires a keen eye for spotting a lone targeted species breaking the top of the water, or gently lurking just below the surface.

Sunshine Required

Sight fishing is a peaceful, relaxing sport best taken on in fair weather under a sunny sky. However, there are many inshore fishing spots that provide sufficient cover from high winds and/or rain where you may be able to try sight fishing under less than ideal conditions.

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