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Tripletail Fishing

Lobotes surinamensis

Also Called: Blackfish, Buoy Gobbler, Buoy Barren, Silverside

A shimmering silver fish any angler would be proud to show off, the Tripletail - distinctive for its three tails - is also a delicious Atlantic delicacy. Catching them can be tricky, a good challenge for even the most experienced anglers.


It’s in the summer months, when the water is warmest, that Tripletail is most available in the inshore waters of Hilton Head Island. They tend to head to warmer waters in the fall and don’t return until late spring.


Many anglers consider Tripletail a great sport fish because it’s feisty and makes for a good chase. Some of those who have tasted it, however, say its firm white meat is comparable to Grouper or Snapper. Others say it’s even better.

Where to Find Tripletail

You can find Tripletail just about anywhere inshore or offshore in the summer months. They like to hang around natural structures, like underwater weed lines, and manmade structures, such as channel markers. Also look for any manmade items floating in the water. They like to hide underneath.

How to Catch Tripletail

Bait: You can use just about any bait small enough for the Tripletail to fit into its mouth, including small finfish, menhaden, Atlantic bumper, crab or Shrimp.

Approach: Set a shallow hook depth or try fly fishing to catch Tripletail, which are often found floating sideways near the surface of the water. This makes them great for sight fishing. Cast close to natural and manmade structures, especially floating objects they may be hiding underneath when Tripletail fishing.

Tackle: Hilton Head Fishing Charters will provide all the tackle and gear you will need to ensure a successful and productive Tripletail experience.

SCDNR Restrictions

You can keep up to 3 Tripletail per person per day, not to exceed 9 per vessel per day, no more than 16 inches in tail length.

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