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Hilton Head’s Calmer Waters

Beneath gentle nearshore waves, within the current of gently flowing tidal creeks, rivers, and the still waters of the marshlands, the inshore waterways of Hilton Head Island are teeming with life.

Hit All the Best Hotspots

Our inshore fishing charters will take you to all the best hotspots for the most productive fishing experience possible.

Catch Your Favorites

Take In the Beauty

The magnificent scenery of Hilton Head is on full display throughout the inshore waterways, perhaps most breathtaking when the sun sets fire to water and sky as it rises over the Atlantic.

Our inshore fishing charters take you past pristine beaches, through unique waterways and across broad marshes buzzing with wildlife. It’s not uncommon to spot blue herons, snowy egrets or even a bald eagle inland as dolphins meander through coastal waterways, all in the same day.

Beginner-Friendly Trips

If you’re a novice angler, inshore fishing charters are recommended. Saltwater species that live inshore provide an awesome fishing experience for an angler of any level. The fishing gear and tackle Hilton Head Fishing Charters will provide is a light to medium tackle setup to perfectly suit an inshore fishing experience. Also, calm waters are preferable for those sensitive to motion sickness and smaller anglers to ensure you won’t get “beat up” by crashing ocean waves.

Advanced Angler Trips

Inshore fishing charters are perfect for anglers of any level. If you have experience fishing for freshwater large-mouth bass, you will love this adventure. Further inshore, advanced anglers also enjoy specialty fishing styles like saltwater fly fishing and sight fishing.

Less Weather-Dependent

While inclement weather can spoil a nearshore fishing outing (up to three miles from shore), there are spots further inshore where the fish may not be disturbed. Inshore fishing includes areas with sufficient cover from windy conditions and/or light rain. Inshore fishing charters are family friendly with fun to be had for all.

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