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Good Ol’ Backcountry Fishing Charters

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A Peaceful Fishing Experience

The best fishing on Hilton Head Island is hidden away in its charming backcountry tidal creeks, rivers, and marshes, where incredible saltwater game come to feed and breed. 

Hit All the Best Hotspots

Join us for a backcountry fishing charter adventure and discover the island’s best kept secrets.

Catch Your Favorites

Take In the Beauty

From its unique wildlife to lush marshlands and winding waterways, it’s only in Hilton Head’s backcountry that you discover the full depths of the island’s surreal beauty.

On our backcountry fishing charters, the fish are only part of the attraction. We take you to quiet creeks where you might spot a beautiful pair of “snowbirds” (bufflehead ducks) or a family of deer. We float past sprawling live oaks and tall pines where bald eagles are busy building their nests. The migration pattern of white pelicans brings them here in the winter months, too.

Beginner-Friendly Trips

If you’re a novice angler, a backcountry fishing charter is ideal. A wide variety of species waiting to be caught provides a memorable experience. Hilton Head Fishing Charters will provide a light to medium tackle setup to perfectly suit an inshore fishing experience. Also, calmer waters are preferable for those sensitive to motion sickness.

Advanced Angler Trips

Though backcountry fishing is more beginner-friendly, there is plenty for more advanced anglers to enjoy in these waters. Those with experience fishing for large-mouth bass in fresh waters particularly enjoy this style of fishing adventure. Specialty fishing styles like saltwater fly fishing and sight fishing provide a fishing experience that can be as challenging as it is serene.

Less Weather-Dependent

While inclement weather can spoil a nearshore fishing outing (up to three miles from shore), many inshore fishing spots provide sufficient cover from high winds and/or light rain. There is almost always an option for a fun and productive trip in Hilton Head’s backcountry.

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