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Meet Captain Jason Hazel

captain jason hazel fishing charters

Jason’s Boat:
Pathfinder 2600 TRS

Lifelong Fisherman and Area Local for Decades

Captain Jason’s passion for angling began in his boyhood days fishing the remote lakes of the Southwest with his dad. When he came to Hilton Head in 2002, Jason fell in love with its natural beauty and saltwater fishing. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the area with a new generation of young families on fishing charters around Hilton Head.

“I don’t just want to teach you how to fish.

We live in a special place, and I want to open your eyes to its unique beauty.”

Get the Most Out of Your Fishing Trip

Every passenger is unique. Some are on the water for the thrill of the sport. Others are catching dinner for their family. Then there are those who could just get lost in the sunset, dolphins and bald eagle sightings. Jason loves it all. As your captain, he’ll focus your trip on whatever calls you to the water.

Ride the MarshMellow

Jason’s boat, the MarshMellow, is a Pathfinder 2600 TRS, which is like a fishable high-performance SUV with plenty of comfort for everyone to enjoy. MarshMellow is fully equipped with a Yahama 300hp motor, twin power poles, MinnKota trolling motor, 36 gallon live well, and all the gear we will need to ensure the most productive fishing experience possible. Large enough to handle the open ocean but small enough for shallow waters, MarshMellow will take you just about anywhere the fish are biting.



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Jason’s Fishing Charters:

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Fishing Charter Pickup Location -- C.C. Haigh, Jr. Boat Landing

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