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How to Throw a Cast Net for Live Bait

How to Throw a Cast Net for Live Bait

Throwing a cast net can be a highly effective way to catch live bait, such as small fish or shrimp. Here are the general steps to throwing a cast net:

Choose the right net: There are a variety of cast nets available, ranging in size and weight. Choose a net that is appropriate for the type of bait you are trying to catch, as well as your own strength and skill level.

Find a good location: Look for areas where bait fish are likely to congregate, such as around docks, jetties, or in shallow water. Make sure you have plenty of space to cast the net without getting tangled in trees, rocks, or other obstacles.

Prepare the net: Hold the net by the horn (the top part of the net) and spread out the lead line (the bottom part of the net). Make sure the net is untangled and free of knots or kinks.

Position yourself: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing the water. Hold the net in your non-dominant hand, with the horn resting on your forearm.

Load the net: Take a handful of the lead line in your dominant hand, and start to load the net by gathering the lead line and the netting together.

Throw the net: With a smooth, fluid motion, throw the net out and away from your body, making sure to release the lead line at the right moment to allow the net to open fully. The net should form a circle around the bait fish.

Retrieve the net: Once the net has settled to the bottom, pull it back in by pulling the lead line towards you. The bait fish should be trapped in the net.

Release the bait: Gently remove the bait fish from the net and place them in a bucket or livewell. Release any unwanted fish or bycatch.

It's important to note that throwing a cast net can take practice to master. Be patient and keep practicing, and soon you'll be able to catch live bait with ease. Also, be sure to check your local regulations for any restrictions on the use of cast nets.

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