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March Madness: Prime Fish Species to Target in Hilton Head

March Madness: Prime Fish Species to Target in Hilton Head

March in Hilton Head is not just a time for basketball frenzy; it's also a fantastic month for anglers looking to experience some of the best fishing of the year. The waters around Hilton Head teem with various species that are particularly active during this transitional month. Here's your guide to the prime fish species to target during March Madness.


One of the most sought-after species in Hilton Head, Redfish, are in abundance during March. As the water temperatures begin to rise, Redfish become more active, feeding heavily. Look for them in shallow flats or around oyster beds. Use soft plastics or live bait like shrimp to attract their attention.

Speckled Trout

Another popular catch, Speckled Trout, starts to show more frequently in inshore waters during March. Early mornings are the best time to target them using topwater lures or live baits. Focus on areas with seagrass beds or sandy bottoms, as Trout are often found in these habitats hunting for food.


March is also a great time to target Sheepshead, especially around structure. These fish are notorious for sticking close to piers, rocks, and pilings. Sheepshead are a challenging catch due to their nibbling bites, so a sensitive rod and a crab bait can increase your chances of success.


Starting in March, Cobia begins to make their way into the coastal waters of Hilton Head. Known for their size and strength, Cobia are a thrilling catch for any angler. They can often be found near the surface, so sight fishing can be particularly effective. Use live bait such as crabs or fish to lure them in.

Fishing Tips for March

Check the Tides: Fish activity in Hilton Head is significantly influenced by tidal movements. Plan your fishing trips around high tide for the best results.

Adjust Your Techniques: As the season transitions from winter to spring, so should your fishing techniques. Be ready to switch from deeper, slower winter fishing methods to more active, shallow water techniques suited for spring.


March offers a unique and dynamic fishing experience in Hilton Head, making it a prime time for anglers to hit the waters. Whether you're battling a sturdy Redfish or tracking down the elusive Cobia, the excitement of March Madness fishing is sure to captivate any fishing enthusiast.

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