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Types of Shorebirds You can Find Around Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Types of Shorebirds You can Find Around Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is home to a diverse range of shorebirds. Here are some of the most common types of shorebirds you might find around the island:

1. Brown Pelican: These large birds are known for their long bills and distinctive pouches, which they use to catch fish.

2. Great Blue Heron: This large wading bird is a common sight on the island's beaches and marshes. It has a long, slender neck and a blue-gray plumage.

3. Snowy Egret: With its striking white plumage and black bill and legs, the snowy egret is one of the most beautiful shorebirds in the area.

4. Black Skimmer: These unusual-looking birds have a long, knife-like bill that they use to skim the water's surface for small fish.

5. Willet: This large sandpiper has a distinctive, piercing call and is often seen probing the sand for crabs and other small creatures.

6. Sanderling: These small, agile birds are known for their quick movements and ability to run along the water's edge as the waves wash in and out.

7. American Oystercatcher: These large, colorful birds have bright orange bills and are often seen foraging for shellfish along the island's beaches.

8. Least Tern: With its black cap and bright yellow bill, the least tern is a small, but striking shorebird that nests on the island's beaches.

9. Piping Plover: This small, endangered shorebird is a rare sight on Hilton Head Island, but can occasionally be spotted on the island's beaches.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of shorebirds that can be found around Hilton Head Island.

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