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How to Land a Jack Crevalle on Your Next Hilton Head Fishing Trip

How to Land a Jack Crevalle on Your Next Hilton Head Fishing Trip

Jack Crevalle, known for their fierce fighting ability and stamina, are a popular target for anglers visiting Hilton Head. This guide will walk you through how to successfully land a Jack Crevalle, making your fishing trip an exhilarating experience.

Understanding Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle are powerful predators often found in the inshore and nearshore waters of Hilton Head. They are not prized for their edibility but are highly sought after for the sport of catching them due to their aggressive nature and the challenge they present.

Best Times to Fish

Jack Crevalle can be found year-round in Hilton Head, but the best times to target them are during the warmer months, from late spring to early fall. During these times, they are more active and aggressive, making them easier to lure and hook.

Equipment Needed

Rod and Reel

You will need a strong, heavy-action rod and a reel capable of holding a lot of line with a high drag capacity. Jack Crevalle are known for their long, powerful runs, so ample line capacity is crucial.

Line and Leader

A braided line of at least 30-pound test paired with a heavy-duty leader will help withstand the Jack’s sharp gill plates and abrasive body.

Effective Baits and Lures

Live Bait

Live bait such as mullet or pinfish works extremely well for Jack Crevalle. These baits mimic their natural prey and can provoke aggressive strikes.

Artificial Lures

Large topwater plugs and metal jigs can also be effective, especially during feeding frenzies when Jacks are most active. The action and noise of these lures can attract Jacks from a distance.

Fishing Techniques


Consider chumming to attract Jacks if you're on a boat. The scent of the chum will bring them closer to your area, increasing your chances of a hook-up.

Casting and Retrieval

When using lures, cast beyond the school and retrieve through it. Jacks are often stimulated by a fast-moving object, which can trigger an instinctive attack response.

Locations to Find Jack Crevalle

Look for Jack Crevalle around areas with lots of baitfish. Schools of Jacks often hunt around:


Grass flats

Nearshore reefs

These areas provide ample cover and food sources for Jack Crevalle.

Tips for a Successful Catch

Be patient: Jacks can test your endurance. Keep the line tight and be prepared for a lengthy fight.

Use circle hooks: These increase the likelihood of a secure hook-up and are easier to remove, facilitating catch and release.

Stay alert: Jack Crevalle often travel in schools, so if you hook one, there are likely more around.


Catching a Jack Crevalle in Hilton Head is an exciting challenge that rewards patience and skill. With the right equipment, bait, and techniques, you’re set to experience one of the most thrilling fights fishing has to offer. Prepare yourself for an adventure and the satisfaction of landing one of the toughest fish in the waters around Hilton Head.

Gear up, hit the water, and get ready for the fight of a lifetime with Jack Crevalle on your next Hilton Head fishing trip!

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