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Bonnethead Bonanza: Expert Fishing Tips for Catching Hilton Head’s Bonnethead Sharks

Bonnethead Bonanza: Expert Fishing Tips for Catching Hilton Head’s Bonnethead Sharks

Bonnethead sharks, a smaller cousin of the hammerhead, are a popular target for anglers in Hilton Head due to their abundance and sporty nature. These sharks offer a unique challenge, making them a perfect addition to any fishing trip. Here's how you can maximize your chances of landing a Bonnethead during your next outing.

Understanding Bonnethead Behavior

Bonnethead sharks are known for their distinctive shovel-shaped heads, which they use to scan the ocean floor for prey. They primarily feed on crustaceans, small fish, and occasionally seagrass, making them fascinating to catch. Unlike their larger relatives, Bonnetheads are relatively docile and can be found in the shallow, warm waters around Hilton Head, making them accessible for all types of anglers.

Best Techniques for Bonnethead Shark Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing: Since Bonnetheads are not as large as other shark species (typically 3-5 feet long), light to medium tackle is sufficient. This makes for a more exciting and manageable fight, especially for those new to shark fishing.

Bait Selection: Effective baits include squid, shrimp, and small fish. Fresh bait works best as Bonnetheads rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food.

Chumming: While not always necessary, chumming can help attract these sharks if they are not immediately present. A mixture of fish oil and mashed up baitfish can create an enticing scent trail.

Prime Locations to Fish for Bonnethead Sharks

Palmetto Bay Marina: The areas around the marina and nearby sandy flats are hotspots for Bonnethead sharks due to the abundance of natural food sources.

Skull Creek: The shallow and warm waters of Skull Creek make it an ideal spot for Bonnetheads, especially during the summer months.

Safety and Conservation Tips

While Bonnethead sharks are less dangerous than other sharks, safety should always be a priority. Use proper handling gear, and always release your catch with care to ensure its survival post-capture. Being mindful of shark conservation is crucial to maintaining healthy populations and ensuring future fishing opportunities.


Fishing for Bonnethead sharks in Hilton Head can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With the right techniques, baits, and locations, you're well on your way to enjoying a successful Bonnethead bonanza. These sharks not only provide a unique fishing challenge but also add a memorable tale to your fishing adventures.

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